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Keeping a safe community together

What platform are supported by the Pandimik app?

Pandimik is under development for android and iOS devices.

Where can i download the pandimik APP?

iOS: Users can download from the AppStore

Android: Users can download from GooglePlay

Logo Files
Logo Files

How do i install Pandimik on my Phone?

The app is installed automatically from the app store

Do i need to connect to Bluetooth?

Not for the download. However, BT should be enabled for contact tracing to work effectively. The app will force BT to be active. 

Do I need to have the GPS on all the time?

Yes. Pandimik app uses GPS to improve location tracking but does not share the GPS information with third parties and users. All information is stored locally on the device.

How much mobile data does Pandimik consume?

The app uses mobile data solely for the purpose of identification, authentication, and infrequent message broadcasts so it has very small network bandwidth usages.

What would happen if I was in close proximity to another user who had tested positive for covid-19?

As long as that other user also had the Pandimik app installed, you would receive a warning message such as

“This message is to inform you that you have been within 2 meters of an affected individual in the last 14 days. Please refer to a test center if you have any of the following symptoms”.

Both you and the infected person would be provided with the location of medical facilities and related services in your respective communities.

What happen if I ususally use more than one device?.

You can download the app on multiple devices. You will receive a notification on all devices running the Pandimik app with your username and password.