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Why we should meet?

We are a CRN top-50 edge computing company that has pioneered hybrid edge cloud (HEC). We augment the cloud with device-edge for efficient and sustainable digital transformation and addressing the challenges of cloud computing.  Our HEC platform will be showcased at the Wipro booth (booth #6865 in the west hall) as a key technology enabler for Software-Defined Vehicles.

What we bring with us?

We will showcase our HEC platform and solutions and some of the potential use cases for different industry sectors. HEC can help all digital enterprises reduce capital and operational costs of cloud while reducing latency and network bandwidth, and improving data privacy, security, multi-cloud support, time to market, carbon footprint and more. 

Why mimik?

mimik’s technology has helped many of our customers use the computing resources of smart devices to augment the cloud and to create experiences not otherwise possible. mimik preserves your existing investments in cloud and augments all existing cloud platforms (AWS, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, etc.) by enabling all smart devices, including embedded devices, with cloud server capability.

let's meet up at CES