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Tata Elxsi and mimik Technology partner to deliver 5G services for Industry 4.0, Automotive & Media Distribution Solutions

Bangalore, India and Oakland, CA, June 15, 2022: Tata Elxsi, a global leader in design and technology services, and mimik Technology Inc., a pioneer in hybrid edge cloud technology and business solutions, today announced a partnership to address opportunities created by the growing availability of 5G networks and mobile edge computing platforms.
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mimik and Business & Decision Partner to Accelerate Adoption of Industry 4.0 Technologies

By tapping mimik’s hybrid edge cloud platform, Business & Decision will harness the full potential of enabling technologies such as 5G to advance the widespread use of AI and IoT across industries Oakland, CA and Paris, France, May 11, 2022: mimik Technology Inc., a pioneer in hybrid edge cloud technology, and Business & Decision, a leading consultancy and system integrator and part of the Orange Group specializing in data intelligence and digital experiences, have partnered to advance the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Business & Decision will incorporate mimik’s technology to deliver solutions that will reduce latency and lower bandwidth consumption while improving data security for global clients in industries such as retail, transportation, finance, and the public sector. These architectural improvements enable mimik and Business & Decision to harness the full potential of the 5G network speeds required to accelerate digital transformation.    “Although 5G promises low latency, the reality is that application speed and performance are highly dependent on the underlying architecture,” says Carlo Schots, Sales Director, Business & Decision. “As a result, any advantages we’ve seen in network speed disappear on the backend—until now. The mimik platform enables
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mimik Technology edgeEngine Extends the Reach of IBM Edge Application Manager to Smart Devices

mimik Contributes edgeEngine Integration as Open-Source Code to LF Edge’s Open Horizon Project, Added as Partner and Member of the Technical Steering Committee Oakland, CA, March 30, 2022 – mimik Technology today announced that mimik has completed an edgeEngine integration with the Linux Foundation’s Open Horizon project and contributed the code to LF Edge. This first-of-its-kind intelligent workflow management and DevOps tool manages containerized workloads from the central cloud all the way to endpoints on heterogeneous edge devices. The integration creates an array of opportunities in use cases such as factory automation, retail management, fintech, healthcare, telecommunications and automotive, where commodity endpoint devices can now become part of a fully integrated and simply managed software delivery solution. In recognition of their significant contribution to Open Horizon, mimik has been invited to join the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) as a voting member and as a partner of the project alongside IBM, providing valuable input on the technical strategy for the platform as it delivers AI-driven distributed workflow management solutions.  “mimik is delighted to contribute to Open Horizon and we are honored to join the steering committee and serve as partner for this important initiative,” said Michel Burger, chief technology officer of mimik. “We are excited
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take time to celebrate your culture

In today’s business environment, particularly in the tech industry, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the warp-speed pace of day-to-day activity. When we’re all flat out developing products, building partnerships, winning customers, securing funding, we can sometimes forget to celebrate what really fuels our success: our culture.  At mimik, we are very proud of our culture—it is what makes us unique in a sea of sameness. It makes us human in what can be an impersonal business.  mimik values and promotes diversity and inclusivity. We rely on science, facts, and actualities, and reject dogma, disinformation, and politicization. We are passionate supporters of freedom and equality for all of humanity. We embrace kindness and compassion in all that we do. We are committed to creating a sustainable and equitable digital ecosystem.  We celebrate our culture—these values that give us purpose—every single day.  But we wanted to do more—we wanted to also honor our mimik family, to recognize their many contributions and achievements that make mimik the amazing place it is today. So, we created mimik day, a company holiday that will be held every year, on the third Friday in March.  The inspiration for mimik day comes from
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Do the right thing, all the time: an interview with siavash alamouti

2022 Marconi Fellow Siavash Alamouti digs into his career, technical contributions, and perspective on the future of the Internet.
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Democratizing internet access: 2022 marconi prize awarded to wireless innovator siavash alamouti

February 9, 2022—The Marconi Society is proud to award the 2022 Marconi Prize, the top honor in communications technology, to Siavash Alamouti in recognition of his impact on the accessibility of wireless devices. The serial innovator, whose famous Alamouti Code can be found in billions of devices around the world, has devoted his career to developing wireless technology that improves people’s lives.
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