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Keeping a safe community together

How is my privacy protected?

The mimik hybrid edge cloud platform enables cloud server capability to your devices, ensuring all your personal data are kept private. Devices can discover each other and communicate without sharing and user profile information. All the logged data are encrypted and stored locally on your device. Authorities or any third parties will not be able to access your data without your real-time consent.

How does Pandimik access my location and track my activities?

Pandimik uses the facilities on your mobile device. None of this information is sent to the cloud and only you have the ability to use this data.

Can I monitor location and activity of other devices installed with Pandimik?

Your device tracks all the devices that have come to the proximity of your device. However, you will have no profile information of the individuals who own these devices and only know that they have been within your proximity.

Do I need to share and upload my Pandimik app data with Health Authorities?

No. You do not need to share any data and information with the Health Authorities or any other third parties.

What kind of analytics data is collected by the Pandimik app?

The Pandimik app collects analytics on all the devices that have come within proximity of each other with no user information.

How can I stop sharing my data?

You never share your data while using the Pandimik App. You can turn the app off if you do not want other devices to detect that your device has been in their proximity but given that this data bears none of your personal information, we encourage all the Pandimik users to keep their app on all the time to ensure we all remain informed as a community and minimize the impact of the pandemic.