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Keeping a safe community together

How can a health authority partner with mimik to launch the Pandimik app?

mimik has already built the core application framework and design of the Pandimik app. However we have left certain open ends and flexibility that we plan to work on with our partner to complete the specification and final build. One such key element is the validation of a positive test to ensure that the anonymous alerts that are sent out to exposed individuals are verified and in line with the health policy.

Additionally, we believe that an app such as this will not only have contact tracing but also other bits of functionality e.g. covid-19 updates, information and education. We are pre-built templates for this but this will need input from the health authority to finalize.

mimik also believes in partnering with other complimentary efforts to address the COVID-19 crisis and as the app is built on mimik’s open and flexible platform, the health authority can also consider additional integrations with Pandimik.

How much time will be needed to launch the Pandimik app?

The exact time frame will depend on the final specifications plus potential partner integrations. However, the core solution is already in place and the technical work will be a matter of few weeks to launch the app. 

We will also need to factor in timelines for training, testing and communications to citizens.

What are the costs involved?

To be discussed and agreed based on the above.