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Make mining with mimik

Digital transformation can propel the mining industry into a much brighter future.

“Mining industry digital investments to date have demonstrated the potential, but have often been constrained by legacy system and data challenges.”

-Paul Klein, partner, consulting


The mining industry still grapples with specific and distinct challenges: lack of reliable internet connectivity which can disrupt operations, and monitoring remote assets across vast areas, integration with legacy platforms and systems, challenges to effectively leverage AI and ML, system and equipment failures and malfunctions can be catastrophic to both operations and human life.


mimik’s platform can address most challenges faced in ruggedized environments through minimized dependence on internet connectivity and cloud, seamlessly connecting sensors and smart devices across the system, and preserving legacy systems during digital transformation.

Intelligent Mining


A Safer Operational Environment

mimik’s platform operates autonomously with minimized roundtrip delays supporting near-zero latency. minimizing latency gives drilling operators access to enhanced monitoring mechanisms of workers, machinery, and the surrounding environment. detecting anomalies in real-time can prevent operations downtime and improve safety.



legacy and ruggedized infrastructure are common in mining and expensive to replace. mimik enables smart sensors and devices using different operating systems to seamlessly work and communicate with one another in a “system of things” that minimizes the need to replace or upgrade existing machinery and infrastructure.


Internet Independency

applications and devices built on different legacy hardware and operating systems can communicate directly even with no internet connectivity. mimik enables an optimally resilient system. If one single node remains active, the system still works preventing a single point of failure.



provide a zero-trust platform with six layers of built-in security.


AI/ML at the edge for advanced analytics

mimik supports many AI and ML technology implementation, scaling these technologies to improve operational efficiency and productivity.



mimik enables sensors and devices to seamlessly interact, enabling automation that drives down costs and enhances operational efficiencies. data remains at the source and communicates with related systems with minimal reliance on central cloud and network bandwidth.