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Today's paradigm

application business logic processing

Today 90% of all data generated on devices
travels from the point of creation on devices at
the edge to the cloud.

with mimik, there is a better way

Apps’ business logic can run on the front end of the devices themselves, a new approach that addresses the critical challenges that organizations are facing today. 

The sooner the existing paradigm shifts, the more prepared organizations will be to capitalize on the benefits of a true digital transformation by taking a more balanced approach to the concept of edge cloud processing.

Find Your Path to App Modernization

"Legacy APP modernization
as the catalyst for
true digital transformation"

A true digital transformation will approach the concept of edge cloud processing in a balanced way. In the process of this paradigm shift, why not also save on cost and schedule while reducing the migration risk for legacy apps? In the old days, apps were developed monolithically, requiring a resource-intensive mechanism to run them as the whole app would operate simultaneously. Devices were also significantly less powerful, carrying a thin client as the app user interface.

Today, devices are orders of magnitude more powerful, possessing the same degree of compute that entire data centers housed just several years ago. At the same time, apps are being written using microservices in containers.

This means they are much lighter, and only specific microservices need to run at any given time (not the whole app). As a result, it is not only possible to run the app’s features on the edge using microservices but doing so is imperative for significant benefits across the board.

mimik is the only platform globally that enables developers to run most features on the devices themselves at the edge (where data is generated). mimik optimizes the compute power at the edge, thereby solving the challenges presented by the traditional approach of hauling data from the edge to the cloud and back again.

Legacy Applications

Organizations are facing an imperative to modernize their applications as a critical step towards achieving meaningful digital transformation. While previous legacy production apps have been field-proven, refined and improved by years of gradual change, the functionality must be redeveloped in order to modernize. This is fraught with challenges and can be extremely difficult, as in many cases only tribal knowledge around the legacy system remains. Current industry “cookbooks,” no matter which hyper-scaler they come from, require users to refactor, rearchitect, rebuild, and replace.

The result is that 90 percent of the legacy monolith app is thrown away, which introduces massive business risks, including operational downtime and unforeseen cost. mimik’s patented edgeEngine platform can preserve legacy apps while modernizing them by adding new differentiating and sophisticated features via microservices upfront. This approach reduces the risk of disruption to business operations while saving cost and time since no rebuild of the legacy monolith is required.

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