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what is

hybrid edgeCloud platform?

hybrid edgeCloud platform enables all smart devices from smartphones to IoT devices to act as a cloud servers when plausible

what is edgeEngine?

edgeEngine is a downloadable runtime software that enables smart devices to act as a cloud servers when plausible. the engine works on any smart device with any OS across any network and connected to any cloud.

why mimik edgeEngine? redefine the “Cloud”

traditional backend development requires considerable effort and cost to maintain and scale servers. mimik provides a serverless environment for edge microservices for optimal speed and efficiency.

using the edgeEngine, you can add server capability to any smart device with basic computing such as smartphones, PCs, set-top-boxes, residential and loT gateways, game consoles, smart TVs, drones, robots, car infotainment systems, industrial sensors, and others.

you can build and deploy your own edge microservices or use mimik’s ready and field-tested microservices to implement new solutions or upgrade your legacy applications. using mimik edge microservices, you can significantly reduce infrastructure costs, reduce development time and maintenance costs, eliminate latency, and improve data privacy and security.

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Serverless microservices



develop your own edge microservices or deploy with a rich library of existing edge microservices

– deploy edge microservices on smart devices and manage them remotely

– add an API Gateway to smart devices or apps

– autonomously discover and connect to microservices on other smart devices regardless of OS or network.

– control where microservices run

– use a rich library of existing edge microservices to speed up your launch.

reduce development time, cloud hosting costs, bandwidth and latency

increase reliability, scalability, privacy and security

mimik’s lightweight container

mimik lightweight


expose computing capabilities of smart devices through a lightweight container

– runtime environment for edge microservices

– easy integration into existing apps through RESTful APIs

– load, start, and stop microservices on smart devices

– container environment available for Android, iOS and Raspian as well as desktop operating systems.

– program in JavaScript

– APIs compatible with Docker.

Dynamic clustering



take advantage of clustering functions in IoT and related industries

– global discovery of other smart devices

– peer-to-peer networking without the hassle of network drivers or protocol programming

– secure communications between microservices locally or globally.

– connect with other smart devices in local clusters or across different clusters independent of network topology.