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edgeEngine Standard Edition

edgeEngine is a runtime environment as part of the mimik Hybrid edgeCloud platform.

The edgeEngine is a runtime environment as part of the mimik Hybrid edgeCloud platform. The mimik edgeCloud platform is designed to perform in a distributed environment, utilizing computing resources available in all smart devices, like smart phones, IoT devices, embedded devices or PCBs, laptop PCs, tablets, etc.

The edgeEngine has two different editions: the edgeEngine Standard Edition and the edgeEngine Main-Child edition. These editions address different needs in the embedded system development world. Here we focus on the edgeEngine Standard Edition, also referred to as the Stand-Alone Edition. It can be used on most commercial operating systems available in the market.

For more information about the mimik hybrid edgeCloud computing and related concepts, please see our developer documentation web portal at 

By running the edgeEngine on any edge device, a serverless environment will be available on top of the operating system, and the platform will be ready to run a microservice on top of this serverless environment, following almost the same fashion that developers use serverless cloud environment

After the serverless environment get’s up and running, edge-microservices can be deployed on top of it using APIs provided by the mimik container management layer (for more information, please read Understanding the edgeEngine Context Object).

API gateway -natively available on the edgeEngine- will work the same as a typical API gateway being used in the cloud, facilitating communication between processes through RESTful APIs

Once one (or more) edge microservices are deployed on one (or more) smart devices, those microservices can create instances of ad-hoc service mesh through dynamic discovery and connection capabilities provided by the mimik hybrid edgeCloud platform.

(For more information, please read What Does edgeEngine Service Mesh Do?)

Developers can address and solve various problems by creating an environment on multiple smart devices using three different cluster types. (for more information, please read What Problem Does the edgeEngine Service Mesh Solve?

There are many use cases in the automotive industry, robotics, drones, agritech, health, AI/ML, etc. that can benefit from these unique capabilities.

Please let us know if you have a cloud native application development or transformation project in progress and need some help. Our expert engineers can provide you with architecture and development support.

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